Our Missionaries

  • Ben & Becky Rivera

    Thank you so much for your part in our ministry. God will use you gift to continue to impact the lives of hundreds of college students and in the lives of women in crisis. Ben has the opportunity to establish and coach in person and from a distance, campus ministries around the U.S. and Guam where there are no full time staff. Becky  volunteers at 3 pregnancy centers each week where she counsels women in the fact that there is a baby inside them that is worth giving life to. Abortion is never the answer. She also shares with every woman the life changing message of Christ. 


    The aim of our mission work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is to preach the Gospel message to unevangelized people groups and villages and then plant local churches among them. 
    Central to New Testament missions is the public preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is why Paul asked for boldness to preach the Gospel message when he carried out his mission work among the unevangelized. We are in PNG to preach the Gospel where it has not yet been proclaimed.

  • Caleb & mELISSA Gibello

    The long-term goal is to see Christ Himself save his people through the preaching of His Gospel and by the effectual working of the Holy Spirit, for local biblical churches to be started, for Scripture to be translated into the local language, and to train elders and deacons for the local churches. These are the goals and tasks we see clearly in the New Testament, so our goal is to do this missionary work. 

  • Bob & Cathi Selph

    Bob and Cathi Selph are serving Christ Jesus in full-time evangelism in inner-city Atlanta (since September 2015). They seek to shine the light and love of our Lord just west of Atlanta’s skyscrapers among a great population of impoverished African Americans. As they employ a variety of venues where they freely share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are involved in, and joyfully use the fine church, East Point Church, for their work of evangelism.


    Jon Ryttersgaard is a church planter in Barbados, sent out from Covenant Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada to plant Covenant Reformed Baptist Church of Barbados. 


    SPORTS Across Ireland was initially established as SPORTSLIFE INTERNATIONAL as a non-profit in the United States, a non-denominational organization founded to promote positive Christian values to the youth of Ireland through sports leagues, camps, late night Leagues, youth clubs and after school programmes.  SAI's director, Daniel Tabb, and his wife, Amy, each have a wealth of experience through their efforts in church and ministry groups, coaching teams and mentoring youth. 


    Michael and Ashley Emadi have three children, Liam, Lorelai, and Méav. They moved to the Republic of Ireland in November of 2014. They live on the Cooley Peninsula in county Louth. There are roughly 20,000 people who live on this peninsula and not a single evangelical church. They are working as church-planters on the peninsula, alongside an established church in a town about 30 minutes away. Michael is also a part of a radio program called “Heart of the Matter” on local public radio where he and two members of the church get to share the gospel over the radio every Monday.